How To Sharpen Fiskars Pole Saw Blade – The Right Process

Sharpening Fiskars pole saw blade sounds like risky work. This work requires touching the pole saw blade directly. After detaching the pole saw blade, you have several options to sharpen it. 

So, how to sharpen Fiskars pole saw blade? Well, if you go for a sharpening file, the steps will be hassle-free. Moreover, this process is applicable for both experts and newbies as it’s not complicated. 

The other options are using a grinder and a sharpening rod. Whatever method you use, clamping the blade is an inevitable part of each method. However, other methods aren’t mentioned here as they’re inconvenient except for the professionals. 

Can you sharpen a Fiskars pole saw?

sharpen a Fiskars pole saw tricks

Yes, sharpening a Fiskar pole saw is similar to other pole saws. The sharpening process can be performed easily using a file. Flat files are excellent to perform this action. Rubbing the file on the pole saw makes it sharper after a certain time. 

You can also use a general sharpening rod to sharpen Fiskars pole saw. After taking a sharpening rod, keep pushing it forward between the two teeth. Then, it’ll sharpen the blade.

How To Sharpen Fiskars Pole Saw Blade – Different ways

Sharpening Fiskars pole saw blade isn’t something like rocket science. Even newbies can sharpen Fiskar’s pole saw using the methods mentioned below. 

First method: Using a file

How To Sharpen Fiskars Pole Saw Blade using a file

The easiest way of sharpening the Fiskars pole saw is applying a file. It’s applicable only when the blades are smooth enough. You’ll need these tools to execute this method perfectly. 

  • A file
  • Tissue paper
  • A table vice

Step:1- Positioning the blade

Start by placing the blade of Fiskars pole saw in a table vice. You need to keep the edge face up before securing the blade tightly. It’s a part of safety so that it won’t slip off and cut your hand.

Now, you need to pull the pole saw using the control rope. Ensure that it’s in an open position. Fasten the blade in the right place so that it remains open.

Step:2- Start sharpening the blade

How To Sharpen Fiskars Pole Saw Blade using a file

The blade should be sharpened from the rear part of the beveled. Its bevel is the surface that has been ground to form the edge. All you need to do is file the edge of the Beveled. Along with this, pushing the file to the teeth is mandatory. 

You shouldn’t move the file back and forth. Instead, keep the blade striking. You shouldn’t change the direction of your hand at this time. This action helps in preventing the blade from getting textured. Also, it protects the blade from being duller. After completing the back teeth, apply the same procedures to the front teeth and file.

Step:3- Sharpening saw teeth

Take a small round metal file that’s expedient to sharpen the saw blade. One sawtooth feature around and straight edges. It’s time to sharpen the round edge. Apply the file on it and get it done in an instant. 

Step:4- Last task: oiling the blade

The last step is applying oil to all the joints of the pole saw. This action will ensure safe pruning and trimming. 

Second method: Sharpening with a grinder

How To Sharpen Fiskars Pole Saw Blade  with a grinder

An angle grinder can be a good pick for sharpening Fiskars’ pole saw. You’ll need the following instruments to perform this method. 

  • A grinder
  • Tissue paper
  • A table vice

Let’s see how it works. 

Step:1-  Detaching the blade

Start by detaching the blade from the pole saw. First, loosen the bolt. Then, rotate it slowly to make it free. 

Step:2- Securing the blade

Once you have successfully removed the blade, it’s time to clamp the blade onto a workbench. Also, ensure that it’s tightly attached. This time, you need to identify the right angle. 

How To Sharpen Fiskars Pole Saw Blade  with a grinder

It’s important because you will use it before you start sharpening. This is also important for the grinding disc alignment. However, you shouldn’t apply huge pressure while sharpening the blade to prevent overheating. 

Step:3- Determination of over-sharpening

Checking the progress after every strike is essential for preventing over-sharpening. Also, check if all sides are equally sharpened. Unless all sides are sharp enough, repeat the previous steps. 

Step:4- Reattaching the blade

The last move is reattaching the blade with the pole saw. Put the blade in the right place and tighten the bolts. The blade is now ready for any pole saw activity with more efficiency. 

Third method: Going for a sharpening rod

How To Sharpen Fiskars Pole Saw Blade  with a sharpening rod

A sharpening rod does a similar job as a sharpening file. Using whetstone, diamond, or ceramic rods is highly recommended in this method. You’ll also need these tools to finish the whole operation. 

  • A sharpening rod
  • Tissue paper
  • A table vice

After gathering these tools, you should follow the following steps carefully. 

Step:1- Clamping the blade

How To Sharpen Fiskars Pole Saw Blade  with a sharpening rod

Before positioning the sharpening rod, you should clamp the blade. Clamp the blade on a table vice. Ensure that the serrated edge is facing up.

Step:2- Rubbing the sharpening rod

How To Sharpen Fiskars Pole Saw Blade  with a sharpening rod

Now, place the sharpening rod in the groove. Specifically, it’s in the middle of the two teeth. Push the rod forward. Along with this, file away the metal. It’ll start to sharpen the blade.

Repeat this step up to three to six times. When you see a burr of curled metal fillings, you should stop then. It’ll be formed on the back of the blade.

It’s time to rub the sharpening rod to the blade’s rear part. It helps in removing the burrs. Ensure that all the burrs fall off with the minimum rub.  

Step:3- Last work: applying lubricants 

The last part is pretty simple. Apply lubricants and get your pole saw ready- that’s all you need to do at this moment. Start by coating the blade edges with lubricating oil. It helps to minimize the attack of rust. In case the oiling isn’t perfect, repeat the process over and again.

Safety precautions while sharpening the saw blade

Safety precautions while sharpening the saw blade

Sharpening a pole saw blade is one of the riskiest pole saw maintenance works. Before starting the sharpening process, you should maintain some precautions mentioned below. 

  • Wear protection kits like helmets, gloves, and others. Make sure they are helpful in protecting you from the pole saw blade. 
  • Maintain sufficient distance from the edges of the cutting blade. Once you’re out of your concentration, you’ll regret it. 
  • If you need to detach the saw blade, keep the removable parts organized. Otherwise, you’ll need to contact an expert to resolve the attachment issue. 
  • Some methods may produce extremely high heat. If you put your hands on the heat, your hands will burn for sure. That’s why you need to stay alert and never put off the hand gloves. 

Last words

A pole saw blade’s natural feature is that it’ll lose its sharpness over time. A Fiskars pole saw blade isn’t exceptional as well. To bring its sharpness back, you have a few options to follow. 

As you’ve read how to sharpen Fiskars pole saw blade, you know about some reliable methods. Using a grinder, a file, or a sharpening rod- what’s the best method for you?

All the aforementioned methods are reliable and make the pole saw blade highly sharp. Though the file method is slightly easy, it’s not as effective as the other methods. Whatever method you go for, don’t forget to ensure your safety. 

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