How to start a Remington pole saw Like A Pro

Remington pole saw helps to cut the limbs easily along with eliminating the necessity of a ladder. This pole saw with attractive performance is hassle-free for beginners. But, it’s a pity if you aren’t aware of the starting method of a Remington pole saw.

Therefore, learning how to start a Remington pole saw is an appreciable move. It is inappropriate if you assume that using this pole saw model is somewhat complicated. Since starting a Remington pole saw isn’t rocket science, it won’t be so difficult to dominate. 

You’ll be able to get an excellent output from a Remington pole saw by following the depicted guidelines strictly. The guidelines include initial preparations & safety alerts with necessary steps. After a certain time, dealing with the mentioned item won’t seem difficult for you. 

The process of how to start a Remington pole saw

The process of how to start a Remington pole saw

Here are some primary steps to follow before starting a Remington pole saw. Then, you should know how to start a Remington pole saw with maintaining safety alerts.

Take Initial preparation 

It is important to take initial preparation. Follow the process below.

1. Unpack the product 

How to start a Remington pole saw

First, cut the product wrapping to unpack the item. You may damage the item by showing a careless attitude while unboxing. Be careful about it. 

2. Inspect the parts closely 

How to start a Remington pole saw

There is a chance of damage due to desperate transportation. So, check the parts carefully. If you find any major problem, you can return it following the legal steps. 

3. Assembling Remington pole saw parts

How to start a Remington pole saw

This part is significant for the successful starting of your Remington pole saw. Follow these steps so that you can assemble all the components perfectly.

  • After determining the trigger lockout button, push on it & hold firmly. 
  • Then, insert the pole bracket into the saw holding the button. 
  • At this stage, slide the handle bracket onto the clamping bolt. It will help to extend the clamping bolt. In this way, the handle bracket will be attached to the pole bracket.
  • Last, of all, secure the handle bracket by tightening properly. 

4. Making the pole saw smoother

How to start a Remington pole saw

This part is only applicable if you’re dealing with a used Remington pole saw. Putting some lubricants before starting your machine can offer something good. To do this action, remove the oil cap before pouring oil through it. The indicator will help to understand the oil amount. However, never think about pouring incorrect oil.

The Steps for starting a Remington pole saw 

The Steps for starting a Remington pole saw 

If all the primary steps are followed strictly, then you aren’t so far from activating your Remington pole saw. You need to attach a cord now to make the machine start. Here are some elaborated steps to do it precisely.

Step:1- Pick up an extension cord

How to start a Remington pole saw

To activate the Remington pole saw, adding power is mandatory. Before that, bridging a medium for passing the electricity is essential. An extension cord should be attached for completing this task. Pick up a 16 AWG-sized cord as an extension cord. Remember that the length should be within 25 to 100 feet. Alternatively, you should choose a 14 AWG-sized cord when the optimum length should be 150 feet. 

Step:2- Adjoin male & female plug

How to start a Remington pole saw

The female plug is situated at the end of the extension cord. Similarly, there is a male electrical plug linked with the Remington pole saw. Now, do some wrapping with the male cord & extension cord carefully. In this circumstance, it’s recommended to form a simple knot over & under the extension cord. Now, adjoin male & female plug altogether. In addition, you should tighten the knot by pulling the mentioned cords.

Step:3- Connect with electric reservoir 

How to start a Remington pole saw

As we have mentioned earlier, the male plug is on the opposite edge of the extension cord. However, connect it with an electric reservoir carefully. Maintaining a secured connection is mandatory for starting a Remington pole saw accurately.

Step:4- Take a convenient position before starting

How to start a Remington pole saw

It may sound weird but the necessity of taking a convenient position is a must for starting the machine. If you don’t hold it firmly, it won’t be able to start. Besides, the wrong position can make the starting trigger pressed untimely. The suggestion is: stand with a balanced position. 

Step:5- Pressing the trigger to start the Remington pole saw

How to start a Remington pole saw

This is the desired part for which you have been waited for. Activate the pole saw for use by pressing the trigger switch lockout. In this way, the cutting chain will be ready instantly. However, your Remington pole saw is fully activated for working. Now, perform your desired cutting concentrate. 

Follow the Safety alerts

Follow the Safety alerts to start a Remington pole saw

You should follow some safety steps to secure your work. Here are the key safety alerts to complete your task nicely.

  • Dress in protective pants & sleeves. Along with this, using hand gloves & boots is mandatory. This dress-up will help you as you are dealing with the electricity.
  • Wearing protection for the eyes is one of the major safety tips. This is an assistant to protect the eyes from unexpected debris.
  • Stay alert in every step while assembling the Remington pole saw. The saw is a sharp item & severe injury is possible from it. So, never put the pole saw in a random place.
  • The wrong sized cord can be a great threat for starting the pole saw. Creating overheat, affecting voltage & many more problems arise for using an inappropriate cord. For this reason, try to follow our instructions while purchasing the extension cord. 
  • Check the electric reservoir before plugging in. A faulty socket can create an accident as well as damage to the pole saw. 

Troubleshoot- why don’t my Remington pole saw start? 

Troubleshoot- why don’t my Remington pole saw start? 

There are 4 core reasons behind not working an electric pole saw. Remington pole saws can be affected by these reasons when trying to start. 

  • Throttle lockout engaging
  • Disconnection of power or extension cord
  • Tripping the GFCI
  • Tripping the circuit breaker

Don’t worry. All of these are very common problems & they own simple solutions. Here you get the exact solutions for these problems.

  • By squeezing the throttle control, you can eradicate the lockout engaging issue. Just hold the throttle lockout down & do the residual task. 
  • Sometimes, a loose connection appears between the power cord & extension cord. Besides, the connection between the extension cord & the power source also may be affected. In this circumstance, tighten the connection & recheck it. If the cord or source isn’t corrupted, it’ll work.
  • GFCI tripping solution is just about clicking on a specific button. You can reset it by pressing firmly on the outlet. 
  • Have a check on the responsible breaker in your electrical panel. Once you find it, replace it instantly to start the pole saw. 

Why did my Remington pole saw stop working? Need some solution?

Why did my Remington pole saw stop working? Need some solution?

Any of the aforementioned facts can stop your Remington pole saw activity. You must’ve received all the specific solutions. In addition, a flooded engine is highly responsible for stopping the pole saw in a middle way. 

To eradicate this trouble, drain the fuel from the engine first. Then, push the choke back along with pulling the starter cord eight times perfectly. In case your spark plug is gone, replace it & start the engine. We hope you don’t face any trouble anymore.


Remington pole saw can be your great companion while dealing with wood items. Without a Remington pole saw, you are unable to complete the fixed work timely. For this reason, you should know its using process from the root level. But, the primary step of knowing Remington pole saw usage is learning about its starting process. 

Specifically, you need to know deeply about how to start a Remington pole saw first. You must have acquired enough ideas on it after reading the detailed elaboration. After assembling the Remington pole saw parts perfectly, you have only a few to do. Maintain proper safety alerts while following the ways strictly to start the pole saw on your own. 

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