The Ultimate Guide To Tighten Chain On Husqvarna Pole Saw

If you’re a recent Husqvarna pole saw user, then you must already know what an amazing pole saw it is. However, a common question that bugs many new users is how to tighten chain on Husqvarna pole saw.

Well, tightening the chain is rather simple than it appears and with the right instructions, even a beginner can also get it done. Initially, you’ll need to disengage your pole saw, loosen the screws, and then use a spanner to tighten the saw for optimum performance. 

So, want to know an elaborate explanation of how it can easily be done? Read the entire blog without skipping any of it.

Steps to Tighten Chain on Husqvarna Pole Saw 

Steps to Tighten Chain on Husqvarna Pole Saw

Tightening the chains on a Husqvarna Pole Saw is very simple and doesn’t require much time. Taking care of your polesaw to make sure everything is functional and works properly is vital for safety as well as the functionality of the saw too. 

Therefore, if you want your Husqvarna pole saw to work butter smooth, here’s how you can proceed.

Step 1: Disengage for Safety 

Before tightening the chain, ensure the pole has been completely disengaged for security purposes. Wait until the chain saw has completely stopped running and shut down. Take the battery off and set it aside for maximum security to prevent accidental triggers from running the saw. 

Step 2: Loosen the Nuts 

When you’re sure, the pole saw is safe to work with, go ahead and remove the cover screw. Loosen the nuts enough so they’re finger-tight and can easily be worked with to remove the screw as needed. The screw needs to be loose yet able to hold everything together without separating it. 

Step 3: Raise the Tip 

When the nuts have been loosened enough and you can access the tension adjustment screw, you need to understand which direction to turn it. Since you need to tighten the chains on your pole saw, the screw should be required to turn clockwise. However, in some cases, it may also differ. 

Step 4: Stretch the Chain 

The tautness of the chain determines how the pole saw is to function. It’s important to remember which direction you turn the screw in. First, turn it clockwise and check the chain to determine whether it’s taut enough. 

If the chain seems to loosen and sag downwards, you must turn it anti-clockwise. Then turn the screw enough until there’s no chain leftover at the bottom and it rests on the bar properly. 

Step 5: Check the Pulling Situation 

After you’ve checked the chain’s tautness and ensured it’s enough, slowly piece together the screws and put everything back together. This is only to physically check the situation of the saw by running it again. 

Put the battery together and run the motor very carefully. If the tautness is enough, it should run smoothly without causing any problem or excessive vibration. The motor will struggle to power through and cause intense vibrations if it is too tight. 

That’s not all; if the chain isn’t resting as it should and has somewhat of a sagging downwards, you’ll experience vigorous shaking and spluttering of the motor. 

Step 6: Combination Spanner for Tightening 

Finally, in this step, you can use a combination spanner to tighten the screws down and close the cover. Remember which direction you are going, as screws tend to vary from brand to brand. After you’re done tightening, you can rest assured that your Husqvarna Pole Saw will now work smoothly and be safe to operate.  

Now, How Do You Know If Your Pole Saw Chain is Tight Properly?

Now, How Do You Know If Your Pole Saw Chain is Tight Properly

When the drive links are disconnected from the guide bar of a pulled chainsaw chain, it’s your cue to tighten the chain and position it properly. If you notice this disconnection in the initial stage, you won’t have to replace the chain and get better use out of the existing one. 

However, if you over-tighten the chain, it’ll expose the cutting teeth, inconsistently snap, and stretch on the chain when working at an angle. 

In such cases, you’ll also notice some pulling out of the groove too. So, the best way to identify whether the tension is right on the money is to check if the chain returns back to the groove after you let it go. 

When Does a Chain Require Tightening and Replacing? 

When Does a Chain Require Tightening and Replacing

If you’re a logger or work with landscaping, you probably know that chains on pole saws often require to be tightened based on how you use them. 

Even if you rarely use your pole saws, it’s important to ensure the tension on the chain is smooth and accurate enough. The damage could be severe and irreversible if the tension isn’t balanced enough. 

Moreover, if the tension on the chain exceeds the tensile threshold, it could cause the chain to snap back, trying to force through and break. 

If the tension on the chain is too little, starting the motor and getting the chain to run through properly could also be disastrous. 

Trying to power through with minimum tension could cause the pole saw to vibrate and possibly slip off your hands. The excessive vibration could also cause chains to fly and swing in the air while the motor tried to power through and adjust. 

Therefore, if facing either of these issues, you must get the chains on your pole saw checked and readjusted. Ignoring these signs could severely cause injuries and damage the pole saw. 

How Often Should You Tighten The Pole Saw’s Chain?

How Often Should You Tighten The Pole Saw’s Chain

Tightening the pole saw’s chain may be a task of patience due to the frequent and consistent need to repeat the tightening. 

During a typical session of 2-3 hours of wood cutting, you may be required to tighten the chain a couple of times. So, you may even require to tighten the chains at least 4-8 times during each session of wood cutting. 

You can also pause after 20 or 30 minutes of wood cutting to perfectly tighten the chains. Having a specified time stamp to tighten the chain allows you to know how long you have been working for efficiency. 

How Often Should The Chain On A Husqvarna Pole Saw Be Replaced? 

How Often Should The Chain On A Husqvarna Pole Saw Be Replaced

The chains on a pole saw should easily last about 5-6 years, even if you regularly use it to cut through woods and large branches. 

Such chains are certainly made durable and sharp enough to last a very long time; however, overuse, the blades will begin to wear out and become dull. 

This could hinder the smoothness of your work and also lack the required efficiency that you need. 

Therefore, if you haven’t changed your chains on a pole saw in about 5 or so years, it’s about time you get it done. It’ll save you a significant amount of time and even prevent your cash from fading away from your pockets. 


  • Is the process for tightening the chain on all pole saws the same? 

Although the process for tightening the chain on all pole saws is essentially the same, there may be minor differences among each brand. The differences may be in how you remove the battery, open the cover, and even undo the screws. These are just the external factors that could differ, but the main process of tightening should remain the same regardless of the brand. 

  • What happens when the chains haven’t been changed in a while? 

The chains on a pole saw are known to be extremely sharp and deemed a safety hazard tool when not maintained the way they should have been. 

When a chain on a pole saw hasn’t been changed in a while, it could easily damage the motor of the pole and fatally injure the user. 

At any point, the chains out snap off the saw and cause irreversible damage causing the user to lose balance while using it.

  • Does not changing chains cause damage to the pole saw? 

While there may be no actual harm done to the pole, if the chain hasn’t been changed in a while, it could damage the bars the chain sits on. This could cause the motor to try and power through with a lot of force and pressure. 

The extra pressure may cause the pole saw to smoke and cause the motor to burst with a loud pop and possibly even catch fire at any point. 

Maintenance of the chains on any power tool with a blade must be thorough and precise to avoid such damages. When the motor pops, it could also take down the battery and damage the whole thing.

Final Words 

So, after going through this article, you should now have a crystal clear idea of how to tighten chain on Husqvarna pole saw. However, we strongly recommend you focus on the safety measures before proceeding with your chain tightening. Since dealing with such pole saws can prove fatal if you’re not cautious enough.

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