The Unearthed Ways to Store Gas Pole Saw from Vetted Experts

We all know how essential gas pole saws are when cutting thicker and larger tree branches. Professionals always prefer this kind of saw and this is the reason it’s very much popular out there.

But with valuable things comes super maintenance. You need to store the pole saw correctly to keep it as new as possible for a long time. But the question is how to store gas pole saw accurately?

No worries at all as I got you here. You have to keep your saw clean, protected, rust-free, and at a suitable temperature for a great result. However, there’s more to it. 

Let’s dig deeper.

How to Store Gas Pole Saw?

How to Store Gas Pole Saw

To store a gas pole saw you have to follow some steps. They’re quite simple but if you don’t know these, your favorite tool might get old very fast. They can get damaged pretty easily as well which I think you never want.

After all gas pole saw is something that keeps your yard or large properties neat and clean.

Here are some tips on how to store your gas pole saw for longer. They include,

  • Empty the Fuel Tank
How to Store Gas Pole Saw?

The most important thing about gas pole saws is that you need to refill the fuel whenever you want to work. But after the cutting, pruning or trimming is done you need to empty the fuel tank.

Those fuels might get coagulated and cause issues for another work session. So store your saw by emptying all the stuff.

  • Clean Everything
How to Store Gas Pole Saw?

Cleaning is the key and I stand by that. If you want your gas pole saw to be dust free and safe, clean the whole thing properly after every use. Especially the guide bar rails and oil passages need to be freshened up for the chain to work better next time.

Take a piece of damp cotton cloth and wipe all those oil, dust, mud or whatever is there gently. It’ll shine bright like a diamond trust me.

  • Loosen the Chain
How to Store Gas Pole Saw?

Here is a trick to store your saw and keep it stable for years and years. The trick is to loosen the chain whenever your cutting phase is done.

I mean, we need to tighten the chain a little bit before the trimming of the tree. Hence, it’s better when you lose it as soon as the work is finished. 

This way, the chain won’t get jammed and it’ll relax until the next task comes.

Then again, the tightened part can damage the other units too so it’s better if you follow this rule.

  • Keep it in a Good Place
How to Store Gas Pole Saw?

Well, by saying good place I meant a place with well ventilation and good temperature. Look, your gas pole saw needs a proper place to stand too and it’s your responsibility to give it that for the sake of its longevity.

Keep it in an ideal area and look at how corrosion and rust-free it remains.

Moreover, the chain oil of your pole saw might seep a bit if it’s out of use for a long. Thus, keep it in a place where there’s nothing that can get damaged by the oil stain.

  • Protect Your Gas Pole Saw
How to Store Gas Pole Saw?

Last but definitely not least, store it away from children. You never know what is going on in the mind of your child or pet. It’s always good to keep these tools in a safe place where they can’t reach or can’t even think about them.

Is Gas Pole Saw Worthy?

Is Gas Pole Saw Worthy

It’s always amazing to have a machine that can give you the proper way of service whenever you need it. The gas pole saw is exactly like that. It’s heavy-duty, can cut larger limbs, trim the thickest branches and can even clean the whole yard in a few hours.

No matter what type of person you are, whether professional or general, you can always use a gas pole saw. It’s made with a top-notch engine that can work like crazy for so many hours. Even the fuel consumption of this beast is perfect.

Therefore, the gas pole saw is convenient, has a high-quality carburetor, and is fully atomized, durable and safe. 

What more do you need? It’s definitely worthy!

Precautions on Storing a Gas Pole Saw

Precautions on Storing a Gas Pole Saw

Here are some of the precautions about gas pole saws that I’m going to give you because I care about your job. A little advice can keep you safe that’s what I believe. Such as,

  • Never use your gas pole saw barehanded. Wear gloves to make sure your hands are safe.
  • Put on your earphones whenever you’re starting off your cutting session. As gas pole saws make loud noises, some good music can give you relief.
  • Wear goggles to keep your eyes safe from particles coming from the tree.
  • Keep your hands at a safe distance to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Before starting the task, make sure your tool is sharpened and tightened the right way.
  • Lubricate the chain right to keep the cut going smoothly.
  • If you’re not a pro, try to hand the job over to some professional. That’s the best decision you can make.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a pole saw the same as a chainsaw?

No, they’re not. Chainsaws are the type of saws that are sued for work like cutting down trees, trimming face-level branches and cutting apart logs. 

But pole saws are used by professionals for bigger tree parts. Thick and large branches are something that a pole saw can handle.

  • How far can a pole saw reach?

A pole saw can reach very far away from your hands. You can almost cut down a whole grown tree with this tool and it’ll do its work perfectly.

For your information, a gas pole saw can reach up to 20ft above your head. So it’s pretty much.

  • Does a gas pole saw make sounds?

Among many good things about gas pole saw, there is a bit off thing about it and that’s the noise. As gas pole saws are heavy and big, they make huge noises while you’re cutting the tree branch.

However, the noise is worth it because the saw will do its job clean at the end of the day.

Final Verdict

Well, that’s how it went on how to store gas pole saw. I’m sure you’re completely knowledgeable right now to save your tool from all those issues for a long period of time.

Just give it proper maintenance with care and the saw will be there like your best friend to cut down those trees effortlessly. Store it before it goes all numb.

Good luck!

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