What is a Pole Saw Used For: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

As the name suggests, pole saws are long poles with a blade attachment at the end to cut or trim hard-to-reach branches. However, a common question that bugs new users is, “What is a pole saw used for?”

Poles saws can be used for clearing, pruning, and trimming your trees. So, a pole saw can be a lifesaver, especially when you’re planning to cut large tree branches that are simply impossible to reach.

These saws are available for different heights and maneuverability based on your need and preference. Want to know more about this? Keep reading till the very end.

Type of Pole Saw

There are several different types of pole saws available to purchase. Each of these pole saws serves a specific purpose that is different from the others. Essentially, there are 6 common types of pole saws that landscapers use. Details about these are as mentioned below –

  1. Electric Pole Saws
Type of Pole Saw

These reach a maximum of 6-12 feet high and seamlessly cut the branches and leaves as you need. While these are more expensive, the output is worth it. 

  1. Gas-Powered Pole Saws 
Type of Pole Saw

These gas-powered pole saws are very loud and require you to cover your ears. Pulling the cord on it starts the saw, and you can proceed to use it. 

  1. Manual Pruner Pole Saws 
Type of Pole Saw

The big saw teeth on these provide convenient cutting in a short time. These don’t run on either fuel or battery and can be used as long as you can carry the weight. 

  1. Hydraulic Pole Saws 
Type of Pole Saw

You can easily adjust the height with these. These are the best to use for various-sized trees as you can use them to cut leaves at the bottom as well as at the top. 

  1. Corded Pole Saws 

Finishing your wood cutting is no time limitation as these don’t run on battery power. Corded pole saws can be used continuously as long as it is plugged in. 

  1. Cordless Pole Saws
Type of Pole Saw

These are easy to carry around and require a maximum of 1 hour to charge. In simple words, it’s the corded pole saw version, just without the cord.

What is A Pole Saw Used For? 

Pole saws allow you to reach certain areas of a tree or hedge that needs to be tamed. It can easily trim a good chunk of the area, whether up on a tree or down on a bush. Here are some of the usages of pole saws that’ll surely come in handy.

  • Pruning
What is A Pole Saw Used For?

Typical pruners are capable of getting around branches with an inch of diameter. When you reach the branch you want to prune, let it nestle above and rest while keeping the pole stable. 

Once the blade is rested and the pole is stable, use your dominant hand to pull down on the cable of the pole. 

This cable uses a sliding mechanism with scissor blades to prune around the branch to cut. 

Once you make the cut, let the pressure on the pole go, and the cutting mechanism should also release.

Several other pruning mechanisms include simple-scissor-type pruners mounted on a pole to battery-operated saws with a sturdy pole-mounted manual pole. 

Based on the height and the width of the branch you want to prune, you can find several different pole-mounted pruners available in the market.

  • Trimming
What is A Pole Saw Used For?

Pole trimmers are typically electric or battery operated and a hybrid between a regular pole pruner and a hedge trimmer. 

Depending on how high you need to reach, you could opt to use a pole saw on a ladder. Typically the blade is that of a hedge trimmer and has a limited reach of about 8 feet. 

However, with extension poles, you could easily reach higher branches to trim and offer a clean cut.

The benefit of these trimmers is that they’re very easy to handle and even allow you to swivel, lock, and even trim all at once. 

  • Clearing
What is A Pole Saw Used For?

An extendable pole that reaches about 10-20 feet with a hacksaw-like blade is the best for clearing unwanted branches and leaves. 

These are very easy to operate if you conveniently balance the long and heavy poles. Due to their simplistic nature, these have consistently remained a favorite among landscapers and arborists.

To clear the unwanted leaves and branches, move the pole back and forth and let the blade do its job. 

Although other pole saws are available for a similar purpose, their blades may differ and have a mini chainsaw blade attachment for different angles. Using a pole saw to clear bush can help you easily get it done.

Can You Use a Pole Saw to Cut a Tree?

Can You Use a Pole Saw to Cut a Tree?

Well, the answer is no! This is because pole saws are meant to trim, prune, and even clear our areas rather than cutting down an entire tree. It’s hazardous and could endanger lives when not done correctly. 

The blades aren’t also meant to saw through large, old trees. However, if it’s a younger plant with a thin stem, you could use pole saws to cut them down.

So, if you want to take down an entire tree, it’s recommended that you seek the assistance of professionals to get your job done with ease and without compromising your safety.

Safety Tips to Follow While Using A Pole Saw

Safety Tips to Follow While Using A Pole Saw

Using a pole saw can be dangerous if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Failing to take the necessary precautions can be a safety hazard, and it is important to follow them through. There are several different steps you can take to ensure safety when using a pole saw, such as-

  • Reading the manual properly and thoroughly to know what you are working with.
  • There are proper gears you can wear to protect yourself when using a pole saw. 
  • Use the pole saw for the intended purpose only to avoid accidents.
  • Make sure the chains and the body of the saw is clean and well lubricated. 
  • Check for missing teeth on the pole saw before cutting.
  • Maintain a safe area to avoid hitting people from branches or leaves falling down. 
  • Hold the saw upright in a straight position for efficient cutting. 
  • Take frequent breaks to prevent muscle spam and aches. 
  • Avoid using the saw overhead.  

Video of Pole Saw Uses

So, if you want to know more about the uses of pole saw uses, then this video can surely come in handy. Check this out for a more visual and clarified explanation.


  • Do all pole saws come with extending lengths?

While most pole saws are pretty long as it is, some of them do come with extensions to reach branches you otherwise couldn’t. The extension of these poles is often limited and not quite as long, but they are enough to get the job done. Even though some poles can be extended, there are others you can buy extensions of to add length.

  • Is it necessary to have different blades for different branch trims and cuts?

Different types of trimmings and cuts do require different types of blades. Not all blades can be used to clear out unwanted leaves and branches, as their speed and mechanisms tend to vary quite a bit. To clear out an area, you’d need a chainsaw blade and to prune a branch, you’d need a scissor-like blade. Neither of them could get the job done for the other. Therefore it’s essential to have different blades for different purposes.

  • Are electrical pole saws better than manuals?

While the answer depends primarily on preference, the electrical poles are a little easier to use and operate against manual poles. However, being electrical, it has certain parts and attachments that make it heavier than manual ones. Therefore, if you’ve strong and stable hands, you can opt for electrical poles. But if your arms tend to get tired easily, manual poles are best for you.

Bottom Line

Pole saws come in several variations, whether corded or cordless, extendable or stagnant and battery-powered or manual. Each of them performs specific tasks that require precision and strong arm force. So, now after going through our blog, you should have a clear understanding of what a pole saw is used for! However, if you’re planning to take down an entire tree, then the best option would be to take professional assistance.

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